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Emo is not just a hairstyle but a definitive and unique sense of style. You can see the choice of clothes, hairstyle and even attitude. Although this hairstyle began as a rebellion in accordance with the trend, has now become a part of mainstream fashion. Emo is in its initial phase of natural hairstyles, which departed from the typical style of hair and went with a more natural look.

There are no established patterns to follow for the Emo hairstyle haircut is more natural because of an experimental type of court. However, there are some guidelines to follow in spite of these are in no way a limitation of the range and variety of hairstyles Emo. The typical Emo style is characterized by the use of asymmetrical lines with a dark-colored hair. The creation of an Emo hairstyle only requires scissors, a knife and if the dye is needed.

There are currently some variations in the natural Emo hairstyle. This includes the use of a two-tone look by many people. There is some controversy about whether this style can be defined as an Emo or if it falls into the category known as scene hairstyles. The two-tone look seen in many people opting for bright colors that contrast with its natural shades darker, or if your hair is slightly colored dye your hair darker tones.


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