Celebrity Mens Hairstyles | 2010 Hairstyles Men

Fashion, fashionable young men of the century is likely to spend as much time and money in your hair as his female counterpart. Whether inspired by the shaggy chic look of Ashton Kutcher, or more sophisticated image portrayed by Zac Efron, chances are your hairstyle of choice has been popularized by some celebrity or another. However, it would be wrong to assume that this is a new phenomenon, as celebrity culture has influenced formal hairstyles for men for decades.

It was already in the 1940's that new movie stars like Cary Grant first introduced the male population of hair products. Precision cutting of the grant and the lateral separation, combined with a distinctive liberal notions of wax for hair that helped create the image smooth, elegant became famous for. Perhaps the first time, had created a look that was admired and imitated by women by men in equal measure.

Hollywood Hairstyles Pompadour icons James Dean and Elvis Presley continues this setting hair well into the 1950s. That is no small thing that can openly display their commitment to maintaining impeccable personal appearance, while at the same time maintaining his masculinity with apparent ease.


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