Long Hair Styles | Men Hair Styles

If a haircut is good or bad, outdated or fashion is just a matter of perspective. If you are willing to adopt what's hot or if you are thinking that a change in policy may be good and then consider the following list of popular hairstyles for men.


Also known as the coarse hair style, piecey refers to the random clumping of long hair or short. The appearance is usually a gel, mouse, wax or any other product for hair binding. Start with clean hair, hair dry and then apply the product as necessary to locks of hair and let it cover as it is.


The cast is still a popular hair style. The cast itself is term generally refers to a mixture or decreasing short-and long hair lengths. The discoloration can be seen easily in tall, narrow, flat head, boot-shaped (remember child's play 'n), skin or haircuts bald fade. The mixture is a skill that develops over time and with practice.


A variation of the ridge, fauxhawk usually a little more subtle in its presentation. The hair on the sides of the head is cut shorter but not as a traditional shave mohawk. The top is longer than the sides and top is styled with gel, hair spray or other similar hair products.


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